Summer Group Show

Shoja Azari and Shahram Karimi, Diana Kingsley,
Heidi McFallDoug and Mike Starn
with The Birthday Boy a video installation by Robert Morris

June 2 – July 28, 2008

Leo Castelli Gallery is pleased to present a group show of recent video and photography based works, and The Birthday Boy, a video installation by Robert Morris.

Heidi McFall is known for her large-scale portraits that challenge photographic effect.  In Kim with Two Sierras in Motion, 2007, her photorealistic rendering of the figures in pastel coupled with the inclusion of photo collage blurs the lines between drawing and photography.

In Diana Kingsley’s new work Little Icky, 2007, she stages an incongruous moment within a seemingly larger narrative and in Fruit of the Month, 2007, Kingsley plays with the idea of the traditional still life; alternately creating moments of tension and humor.

Doug and Mike Starn’s use of photography borders on the scientific in the four works exhibited from the Snoblanket series which consists of hundreds of individual snow crystals that have been isolated and magnified thousands of times with a scientific microscope and then photographed. 

Filmaker Shoja Azari, and painter Shahram Karimi have created what they call video paintings. Untitled, 2007, is part of a group of works that uses filmed abstract images of natural landscapes that have been selected and painted. When the film is superimposed on the canvases the subtle movements of wind and water suddenly bring the flat surfaces alive and impart an element of real time onto an otherwise frozen moment.

The Birthday Boy is a dual projection video installation by Robert Morris created for and exhibited at the Galleria dell’ Academia in Florence on the occasion of the 500-year anniversary of Michelangelo’s David in 2004; this is the first time the work will be shown in the US. One male and one female art historian appear on each screen simultaneously discussing the famed work as images projected behind them change accordingly while an unidentified individual continuously refills a wine glass for both speakers.

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